The topic of recreational vehicle insurance will always be a more complicated issue than regular auto insurance. That’s because there’s a wide range of possibility when it comes to how you can customize and use your RV. However, you can still try to minimize your insurance expenses by shopping around for affordable RV insurance quotes.

Here are some tips that can help you save money when looking for RV insurance:

Determine How You Will Use Your RV

This is the first step. Will you be using this vehiclepurely for vacations, do plan on using it during weekends, or perhaps fulltime? The answer to this question will determine your insurance coverage needs and expenses.

To minimize your RV insurance premiums, you will want to use your RV sparingly and ideally only during vacation times. You can then enjoy discounts when your RV is in storage.

You then should think about what kind of coverage to get. The mandatory coverage may be bodily injury liability and property damage liability, and limiting the coverage to these can significantly keep your premiums down. But it can be very expensive for you if you don’t have additional coverage such as a primary residence option if you plan on living in your RV fulltime and robbers ransack it.

New and Used RV Insurance

If you have a new RV, you should think about getting Total Loss Replacement Coverage. This means your carrier will replace your RV with something similar if your new RV is totaled, or they may pay the initial purchase price of your RV. What you get as a replacement will depend on the age of your new RV when it gets totaled. This coverage basically protects you from depreciation.

If your RV is used when you bought it, you need to think about actual cash value coverage with an agreed value. This means that you and the carrier will settle on the dollar amount your RV is worth at the time the insurance policy is written.

Start with Your Current Insurance Provider

Your current insurance provider is your best first option, because they will offer discounts when you bundle your RV insurance with the other policies you’ve already bought from them. Obtain the details regarding premiums and deductibles, along with the extent of the coverage.

Just make sure that you’re honest with your insurance provider regarding how you plan to use your RV. If you’re planning to use your RV as your main residence, let your carrier know.

Also try to add roadside assistance to your coverage. The cost of towing an RV can be exorbitant. It’s not like towing a Honda Civic.

Shop Around

Shopping around for the best deal is perhaps the cardinal rule of insurance. Even though your current insurance company may offer you discounts, you may get a better deal elsewhere. This is especially true with certain insurance companies that have extensive history with covering RVs.

Join a Camping Club

A camping club will let you get in touch with RV owners who have already experienced obtaining insurance for their RVs. They will let you know which insurance carriers offer low premiums, great coverage, and terrific customer support. You’ll also know the carriers with terrible reputations regarding payments for your claims.

A camping club may also be affiliated with a reputable RV insurer. Once you become a member, you may then be entitled to certain discounts.


Just keep in mind that paying the lowest premiums isn’t your highest priority when it comes to RV insurance. You must prioritize obtaining the proper coverage first. Once, you’ve determined that, you can then look around for the best insurance carrier than can offer you the coverage you need at the lowest cost.